Bioplast has a commitment to the environment and a obligation to all mankind to protect the earth for future generations.

We have developed, with the help of new technology, an enzyme which promotes the chemical reaction within the polythene accelerating the process of degradation.


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Bioplast Ltd
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We are a company who manufacture Biodegradable Plastic bags, using our own bio-degradable technology, which is both environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The LDP/HDP polymer decays due to the action of enzymes, bacteria, starch & clay when exposed to sunlight and buried in soil such as landfills. The degraded product is compostable, enhancing the nutritive value of the remaining soil. Degradation takes place between 30-90 days once buried. However the product has a shelf life of up to 18 months in packed conditions.

We have an obligation as humans to protect the environment in which we live in for now and future generations. Plastic represents over a million tonnes of the UK's total waste and can take decades to degrade. We are running out of landfill sites, which are forecasted to run out in the next 5-7 years. We must be Proactive not Reactive.
"BioPlast is here to protect the Environment
And Reduce Waste and Pollution"

Radha Punn - Sales & Marketing Manager

"We are the intelligent solution to the disposal of polythene plastic waste"
GL Punn - Director

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